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TeleTec works with customers in custom cable extrusion and manufacturing to design and manufacture brand new custom wires and custom cable products.  We provide production and manufacturing services from simple standard cables to the most unique and challenging designs. 

We offer our customers flexibility with the conductor, thermoplastic insulation, shielding, and jacketing materials. 

Custom Cable Production

Custom Cable Production equipment – Our wide range of production equipment (extrusion, braiding, etc.) capabilities allow us to offer a multitude of custom cable solution with a short lead time.


Custom Cable Production Equipment:

  • Planetary Stranding Machine

  • Stranding Machine

  • Stranding Machine for HF Cables

  • Bunching Machine

  • Copper Drawing Machine

  • Wire Cutting Machine

  • Wire Extruder

  • Gas Injection Extruder

  • PE Foam Extruder

Custom Cable Testing

Custom Cable Testing equipment – our extensive line of testing equipment allows testing for a wide range of specifications.

Custom Cable Testing Equipment:

  • Hi-Pot Tester

  • Flex Tester

  • Spark Tester

  • Tensile Strength Tester

  • XRF Tester

  • Flame Tester

Why Work With Us?

  • Turn-Key Box Builds

  • Lean Manufacturing Capabilities

  • High-Mix-Low-Volume Manufacturing

  • Total Supply Chain and Material Management

  • BOM Sourcing Services

  • Total Commitment to Quality

  • Dedicated Project Management Team

Industries We Work With

  • Automotive & Aviation

  • Entertainment

  • Industrial

  • IoT

  • Medical

  • Renewable Energy

  • Telecom

  • Test & Measurement

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