Industry Preferred Electronics Contract Manufacturer

TeleTec and its partners serve a wide variety of industries by developing custom engineered products tailoring to each customer. We encourage our customers to bring forth their ideas and unique products as we provide engineering expertise  spanding across several industries. 

We specialize in: Custom Cable Assembly, Wire Harness, Cable Extrusion, Plastic Injection Molding, Precision Machining, Sheet Metal Stamping & Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) (PCBA). TeleTec provides end-to-end solutions including: Integrated Manufacturing, Box-Builds, Engineering & Product Design & ODM/OEM services. 

TeleTec and its partners deliver quality products with certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 26000, BS OHSA 18001, IPC QML, UL QMMY2 and Sony Green Partner.

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Experience


Telecom companies provide fixed and mobile voice, text, and data transmission to consumers and businesses of all industries. We are proud to be instrumental in the growth of some major players in the market place.

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With the rapid change in medical technology, we help global leaders in providing high performance medical solutions from small devices such as remote blood glucose meter to cable assembly for surgery tables.

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Our product portfolio spans a wide range of products such as ATM’s, Point-Of-Sale terminals, gaming machines, industrial controls and airport security surveillance equipment.

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Automotive & Aviation

Automotive electronics is the current driving force in its industry. We've incorporated rigorous manufacturing & quality procedures based on best Design-for-Manufacturability practices and ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949 (IATF 16949) Certifications.

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Renewable Energy

Companies in this industry are endlessly working to lower energy cost and reduce the environmental impact. We leverage contract manufacturing services to help our customers in becoming distinguished leaders and successful innovators in their field.

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Test & Measurement

From research and development, to manufacturing and deployment, test & measurement instruments are critical to ensure product performance and shorten time-to-market. Our design and manufacturing resources facilitate customers to engineer highly precise test and measurement solutions.

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The entertainment industry plays a huge role in our daily lives. Technology playing an essential part in its development, we are pleased to be a part of this revolutionized momentum. By integrating our products and services into microchips and cables, TeleTec contributes in the evolution of the industry. 

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The IoT industry has shifted consumer interests into faster and better technological devices at an exponential rate. TeleTec is able to meet these demands with the help of our tech savy engineering team and robust production lines. 

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