Engineering Capabilities & Product Design

Unique Engineering Expertise

Creating value for our customers is our primary purpose at TeleTec. Our high level of experience, wide range of capabilities, and core company values are why our customers choose us for electronic manufacturing solutions. 

As an experienced cable assembly and integrated service provider of electronic and mechanical manufacturing, TeleTec strives to provide our customers with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing production costs and reaching top quality standards. 

Custom Cable Assembly

TeleTec is the preferred custom cable assembly manufacturer for designing and manufacturing superior quality cables, conforming to the most rigorous requirements in the industry. Our flexible cable capabilities allow us to to provide end-to-end custom cable solutions that meets the highest industry standards.

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Electronic Stylus

The use of touch screen panels has become an ever evolving industry that is used daily in POS systems and capacitive sensing interface electronics. Our products help ease accuracy as opposed to using fingers as an input device. 

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Custom Cable Extrusion

TeleTec focuses on each customer’s unique product design needs in custom cable extrusion and manufacturing. We offer a variety of end-to-end cable wire extrusion solutions in conductors, thermoplastic insulations, shielding and jacketing materials.

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Plastic Injection Molding

CMI factories are equipped with machines that offer a variety of shapes and sizes of molding  and painting capacity.  We have the technology to meet any plastic injection molding design demands to tailor your product to its specifications.

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Precision Machining

Priver prides itself with 20 years of precision machining, metal stamping and tooling experience, along with  with 12 years of Server Production experience. Setting itself apart by following rigid economic and ergonomic guidelines.

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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Rayval provides electronics manufacturing services of the highest quality and with the most competitive total cost, while fostering the mutual welfare of our business partners through reliable and ethical business practices.

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