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TeleTec designs and produces superior quality cable assembly and wire harness that conforms to the most rigorous demands, across a wide range of industries. Our flexible design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom cable solutions that meets the highest industry standard.  We excel in fast prototype product development and on-time delivery for volume productions. We provide quality assurance every step of the way.

Cable & Wire Test Routine at TeleTec

The quality of the cable assembly determines the final quality of the product. We perform diverse testing in the lab as well as on the manufacturing floor to ensure compliance and highest quality. We work closely with our customers to co-develop test methods for validation and first articles.

Typical Inspection and Test Plans:

  • In-process inspection

  • Final electrical testing of each and every product

  • Random sampling reliability testing of final product

Cable Inspection Testing Equipment:

  • Bending Tester

  • Mating Tester

  • Twisting Tester

  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber

  • Pull Tester

Why Work With Us?

  • Turn-Key Box Builds

  • Lean Manufacturing Capabilities

  • High-Mix-Low-Volume Manufacturing

  • Total Supply Chain and Material Management

  • BOM Sourcing Services

  • Total Commitment to Quality

  • Dedicated Project Management Team

Industries We Work With

  • Automotive & Aviation

  • Entertainment

  • Industrial

  • IoT

  • Medical

  • Renewable Energy

  • Telecom

  • Test & Measurement

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Some of the Cables We Manufacture:

Manufactured Box Build Telecom Cable Assembly

Telecom Cables

TeleTec designs and manufactures superior quality Telecom cable assemblies that conform to the rigorous demands of data capture products. Our flexible design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom cable solutions that meet the highest industry standards

RF Cable Assembly Manufacture

RF Cables

TeleTec’s Radio Frequency cables are manufactured in-house from design to production. These products have been used for notebook computers, wireless routers, GPS, television sticks and the list goes on.

Manufactured Industrial Cable Assembly

Industrial Cables

Our cable products don't only act as power and data transmitting cables for mobile phones, network and computer peripheral, but also provide multi-functionality as well. Through various interfaces, protocols, and wire criterion, we are able to simplify and integrate the power supply and signal transmission lines into one multi-interface industrial cable.


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