System Design & Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing & Value-Added Services

With 30 years of working with a variety of electric and mechanical OEM customers, we have the knowledge of solving unexpected problems by utilizing valuable human resources, process innovation and manufacturing expertise. 

Along with our manufacturing partners, TeleTec provides speed, flexibility and efficiency to meet our customer's growing expectations in order to stay competitive and relevant in the digital age. We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver our products without compromising quality.


Solutions We Provide


Engineering Capability & Product Design

We understand that every project is unique, with different demands, but our mindset is consistent. With design-for-manufacturing in mind, we apply our engineering expertise and partner with customers from NPI to mass production.


Manufacturing Services

Our highly refined and proven lean-manufacturing services can source your entire Bill of Materials (BOM), develop all necessary manufacturing processes, and implement complete testing routines.


Value-Adding & Secondary Manufacturing Services

We have multiple secondary manufacturing such as plating and painting, as well as value-adding services in material management, ranging from procurement sourcing and negotiations to customer-owned-supplier-managed inventory (SMI) control to emergency and priority shipment support.


Manufacturing Integration 

TeleTec is a manufacturing integrator with an umbrella of leading industry experts working together. We practice seamless communication with each other throughout the entire manufacturing processes in order to successfully complete all products in-house without compromising quality. 


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