What Is Manufacturing Integration?


What is Manufacturing Integration?

Manufacturing Integration, sometimes referred as integrated manufacturing, is a group of organizations or companies that work together in the same industry but specialize in different sectors to complete a finished product. For example, a precision machining and sheet metal company, an injection molding company and a cable and wires company working together to complete one finished electronic product.

Major Benefits of Using Manufacturing Integration Services:

Manufacturing integration takes a holistic approach, viewing the product in its entirety as opposed to a silo approach. It’s done so by being part of the entire engineering process and user interface development of the product, by proactively using the product’s spec sheet each component can be manufactured to meet its tolerance spec. This assures a successful compilation of components when manufactured into a complete product, avoiding any issues that may have arisen if this step had not been taken.


Streamlining Communication:

When an entire product is manufactured under one umbrella organization, communication is more effective and goals are transparent, allowing successful collaboration from every party involved. With effective communication under the umbrella organization, production becomes efficient, allowing room for shortened product development cycles and fast turnaround times.

Cost Savings:

With concerted efforts to integrate multiple electronic products without failure, effective communication helps save time and money, allowing room for shortened product development cycles. This advantage gives customers a quick start to market, making their product relevant in real time, which gives them room for consistent revenue stream while their product is still relevant. like the saying goes, “time is money.”

Manufacturing Integration Coming Together

To sum up, manufacturing integration solves many problems and provides many benefits. It prevents unforeseen problems, streamlines communication with suppliers and it brings your new products to market faster and it provides overall cost savings. These are just a few benefits.

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