This Mobile Camera Can Help Alleviate Anxiety for Your Animals

Do you miss your dog or cat when you’re at work? Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you’re away? The Vava Mobile Pet Cam is for pets or owners with separation anxiety, people who feel guilty leaving pets alone all day, or anyone who would like to engage with their pets remotely.

Vava's mobile robot pet cam

Vava launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Mobile Pet Cam. The company has successfully launched other products such as the Vava Dash Cam and Vava Home Cam via Indiegogo and Kickstarter,  which bodes well for this campaign finishing above the funding goal and the product shipping at a future date. According to Vava, the company uses crowdfunding campaigns to obtain suggestions and feedback from potential customers.


Resembling nothing more than an astronaut’s helmet with a dark-tinted face shield, the Pet Cam moves around the house via parallel rubber tank-like treads. According to Vava, the mobile camera can navigate tile, hardwood floors, and carpeting.

With automatic following enabled via an associated mobile device app, the little guy can follow your pet from room to room, even under the bed. Vava also claims an intelligent collision and drop-detection system minimize bumping into obstacles and falling down stairs.


You can take still shots or record short video clips with the Pet Cam’s integrated 1080p camera. The camera has a 120-degree wide-angle lens and infrared night vision so you can really spook your cat. You can store captured images and video in the cloud with 1GB of included storage.

When you access the Pet Cam remotely and check on your pet, you can talk as well with two-way audio. If you want to engage further, especially with cats, the mobile pet sitter has a laser pointer and a feather teaser you can control from the app.


Want to reward your pet for specific actions or just because? The Vava Mobile Pet Cam has an integrated treat dispenser that expels treats on your command.

A real-time bark alert feature sends notification alerts to your phone when your dog barks. You can then switch to the Pet Cam app to see what’s going on because presumably, the Pet Cam will be facing your pet. Fortunately, for dogs attuned to the sound of UPS trucks in your neighborhood, you can turn the bark alert feature off.

Vava says the Mobile Pet Cam is durable, paw proof, and has a low center of gravity to help it stay upright. A fully charged battery good for eight hours of active engagement with your pet can last seven days on standby. Theoretically, if your dog or cat sleeps most of the time while you’re out of the house and there’s no one else home, a single battery charge will suffice for a long work day.

The Vava Mobile Pet Cam is available for pre-order on the Indiegogo campaign site for $149, approximately 50 percent off the planned $299 retail price when the Pet Cam ships. As always, you should be aware of the risks when pledging money to a crowdfunding campaign.

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