105 Million Voice Assistants Projected To Access Smart Home Devices This Year


More than 90% of voice assistants will be used to control smart home devices by 2024, according to a new study by Juniper Research.

This year, Juniper estimates that 105 million voice assistants will be used to access smart home devices and that the number will grow to 555 million by 2024.

“Voice assistants are an increasingly crucial element in the smart home, providing interoperability platforms that enable seamless control of the whole smart home,” states the report.

As might be expected, Amazon leads the market, thanks to advanced hub features of the Echo Plus, substantial Alexa Fund investments and the abundance of Alexa Skills via third-party apps.

Security is also likely to play a future role, with Amazon having acquired Ring and Google acquired Nest.

Google’s investments in artificial intelligence are expected to enable it to add more autonomous functions, giving it a potential enhanced selling proposition, according to the study.

Voice is gradually becoming the standard communication method in the smart home.

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javier andrade