Manufacturing Integration Services

Manufacturing integration is a group of organizations that work together in the same industry but specialize in different sectors to complete a finished electronic product. At TeleTec, along with our partners, we offer numerous electronic manufacturing services and together, we can assemble your total finished product with manufacturing integration as our end-to-end solution.


Benefits of Manufacturing Integration

Manufacturing integration offers many benefits to OEMs in terms of cost, time and quality. As a group, we have come to the agreement of overall quality products, we are able to deliver our promise by holding several certifications and by following stringent quality control procedures. We eliminate the inconvenience of having multiple manufacturers for one product which reduces the risk of ill-fitting pieces and the need to ship parts of your product to different manufacturers. When we work together we are able to offer maximum benefits ensuring that every part of your product fits, delivering a completed hassle free product to you.  


Our Electronics Manufacturing Services

  • Cable Assembly and Wire Extrusion Manufacturing
  • Precision Machining and Sheet Metal Stamping Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing

Our Electronics Manufacturing Integrated Services

  • Integrated Engineering Design
  • Integrated Material Management
  • Turn-Key Manufacturing
  • Box Builds Manufacturing

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