What Makes a Quality Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider?


EMS Contract Manufacturers come in varying offerings and services. What ties them together is the quality of their products. Quality products are made from quality EMS Contract Manufacturers and listed below are a few traits that all quality EMS Contract Manufacturers have in common.

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Industry Experience:

Manufacturing companies that have an extensive history in the electronics industry and well-established, can be counted on for high-quality work, products and services. Normally, they take great pride in every board they have designed and produce. An experienced EMS contract manufacturer would have a strong DFM team available that can help reduce inefficiencies in manufacturing, product development cycle and have products meet or exceed deadlines by reductions in lead time.

Engineering Capabilities:

Engineering design services from a contract manufacturer can be a huge benefit for OEM companies without in-house design capabilities. The manufacturing company is able to offer their engineering services to the OEM company and assist in designing the product from the ground up. For companies with their own experienced design team, it's of benefit to have a fresh set of eyes review the product's current specs for functionality and cost control from a DFM point of view. Top manufacturing companies have the engineering ability to help streamline design plans and make them as efficient and effective as possible without compromising on quality products.

Advanced Equipment:

An EMS Contract Manufacturer that has the most up to date tools, machinery and equipment can give it's customers an optimum advantage in speed and precision. Having advanced equipment in-house helps ensure that products will stay competitive and precise with a quick start to market for added benefit. 

Industry Certifications:

Having a company that adheres to the industry standards through certifications helps ensure quality in their services, management and products. ISO and IPC are a few certifications a quality EMS manufacturer, such as RayVal, should have. IPC J-STD-001 is very specific to soldering interconnections and emphasizes process control. The IPC certifications is a great certification for any soldered electronics and electronics assembly, especially manufacturers geared towards PCBA. Besides the standard ISO 9001, obtaining a ISO/TS 16949 requires even more quality assurance to be approved for the certificate and is also very industry specific. In this case, the ISO/TS 16949 is a certification for the automotive industry on top of being a more rigorous quality control certification.

Product Testing:

A quality EMS manufacturer should do more than only producing but also testing the products. Testing should always be done to ensure each unit is produced up to par, is highly functional and performs to properly. Testing products for any design and equipment flaws, issues or inefficiencies can lead to product or production discoveries. Design problem discoveries would help build a better product, in terms of production efficiency and functionality of the product itself. Equipment problem discoveries, such as inaccurate calibration, would resolve any possible major production errors without wasting an excessive amount of time and money. A quality EMS contract manufacturer should have developed their own series of product testing routines.

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Those are a few traits that define what a quality EMS Contract Manufacturer is. There could be other traits to consider that translates over to all manufacturing companies, such as flexibility in demands that was discussed in our other blogs. If you’d like more information, check back soon for a blog about tips on choosing a quality EMS Contract Manufacturer.

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